Nowadays, mobile marketing has become a hot topic in advertising industry. As the era of 4G arrived in 2014, it has driven an explosive growth in mobile. At the same time, programmatic direct buying has drawn attention of advertisers as well. Madhouse focuses on the coherence of quality and effect in mobile PDB market.

Clement Huang, CPO of Madhouse, thinks that this strategy is based on the mature of domestic market. This year, mobile ads budget of advertisers in Europe and the US markets reached 50 percent. And the flow of domestic mobile video website and ads develop with an obvious increase. “We believe that China will be a turning point of mobile programmatic buying this year, but how we get involved in, to be experimental or dominant? Results will tell us soon”, said Clement.

“We realize that the guarantee of superior media is very important for advertisers because brand safety should be protected by these advanced media. This fact also is fine with content rule. And with precise targeting, they can make it tailor-made for domestic market. And that’s what brand advertisers really need. The reason why we decide to strengthen mobile PDB in this year is that we take these mature conditions into considerations”, said Clement. In the whole campaign, from early brand exposure, then audience positioning, to last direct buying, we should link up these to reach the real coherence of quality and effect.