The number of mobile games is skyrocketing globally as smartphone users have continued to grow in the recent years. Major game companies as well as independent game producers are all trying to occupy this innovation hungry yet fast-expanding market.

To attract more new users and keep loyal players, mobile game developers are racking their brains to promote their Apps in a super competitive app economy. But how to make every penny countable has become their top concern.

As one of the sponsors of Mobile Game Asia 2015 Bangkok, Madhouse attended the event and shared its experiences in App marketing with counterparts and mobile game developers.

Madhouse recently ungraded its App marketing solutions and launched PerforMad, an integrated App marketing platform to maximize and optimize the return of investment (ROI) for marketers.

PerforMad is a tailor-made product designed and produced by Madhouse for App developers, including mobile game producers.

As we all know that App marketing is not limited with nations and regions and therefore it requires solution providers to have strong partnership with different media partners all across the world.

Madhouse has more than four plus years of sophisticated App marketing experience. Its mobile inventory covers over 225 countries and regions and has solid partnership with more than 65 premium media partners.

To make sure the marketing campaign is traceable; PerforMad offers a tracking code to record and analyze the individual actions. Thus the real-time conversion attribution and analysis can be provided on a single dashboard.

Though the platform also accepts third party advertiser tracking solutions, its own tracking codes is more aligned with advertiser’s interest towards app marketing objective and have sophisticated fraud detection in-built in the system to protect the advertisers from any potential threat.

App marketing is usually conducted through several advertising channels which leaves a common question for mobile game developers: which channel contributes the most downloads and provide most loyal players and frequent spenders?

PerforMad can optimize campaign performances across different advertising channels and help advertisers to allocate their money to most productive and cost-effective channel. In addition, the platform can also help to improve the life-time value of individual mobile game players, increasing the real in-app consumptions. In summary, PerforMad can help the game mobile developers to find the best channel with most loyal players and frequent spenders.

Madhouse has recently launched a programmatic buying flagship platform with four other products, including the aforementioned PerforMad, PremiumMad with high-quality contents for brand advertisers, intelligent in-App ad network SmartMad and timely and effective audience expansion platform OptiMad. These four products can serve the needs of different kind of mobile advertisers.

Founded in Shanghai in January 2006, Madhouse successfully entered Indian market in 2012. It is the only mobile ad platform company from China which has expanded its business in the Asia Pacific Region. Madhouse has steadily grown both in China and India. The company helps international and domestic brands in these two major emerging markets for efficient brand communication and market expansion through mobile platform by using cutting edge technologies. It is also dedicated to help Chinese app developers and publishers to tap global market by providing mobile ad distribution and optimization services. These services aim to boost app downloads and acquire consumers with high life time value for the clients.  Madhouse has more than 250 employees worldwide with headquarters at Shanghai. It also has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.