Programmatic buying has become a hot topic in advertising business and outdoor sector is being influence as well. Clement Huang, Chief Product Officer of Madhouse, has recently accepted the exclusive interview of ASIA OHH and shared his ideas of programmatic buying in outdoor advertising industry.

Programmatic buying is not equal to RTB

Programmatic buying is not equal to RTB. Most of programmatic buying adopted by brand advertisers requires opening up of API from high-quality media partners, however RTB is more suitable for result-oriented programmatic buying.

Mobile Ads transferred from media buying to audience buying

Mobile audience measurement can reach individual accuracy, so that the entire mobile advertising concept transferred from media buying to audience buying. As a result, a series of products and communication methods of advertising industry will change to keep up with the new trend.

Outdoor will be personalized platform for audience daily life in the future

Different outdoor environment should be applied to different advertisements. Mobile devices can engage users with advertisements via smart outdoor media. Big data, on the other hand, will help me create more fundamental change of the industry.

How to use digital outdoor facilities to create a personalized ad platform that is close to people’s daily life is what the industry should be thinking of now.