When whether to put mobile ad is no longer a question to be discussed, a company has been striving for it for nine years. During these nine years, they just do two things: mobile and internationalization. In this case, V-MARKETING magazine made an exclusive interview with three senior executives of Madhouse to talk about what they have experienced during these nine years.

“Internationalization makes us more dedicated.” said Joshua Maa, the founder and CEO of Madhouse. He thinks that entering into foreign competitive environment helps Madhouse focus more on Demand-Side Platform rather than Supply-Side Platform so that we can gradually form a larger scale by our own advantages.

“Concentrate on demands of brand advertisers and realize product research by newest term” is the key point that Chief Product Officer Clement Huang always emphasizes. “Listen to clients’ needs and gradually realize what they really want. We are not about to set some sounds very ambitious goals or to pursue technical progress while neglect what we really should pay attention to.

Cherry Tang, SVP of Sales and Marketing of Madhouse, holds the view that brand security is the core that advertisers really care about. “We should ensure advertisers high-quality and concise content. What Madhouse is doing is to provide ad platform with high-quality content for advertisers and we can realize it.