(19th April, 2018, Singapore) – The world's largest independent mobile ad platform company, Madhouse announces today at Digital Travel APAC 2018, that a new mobile ad platform aimed to help local travel industry marketers to target the upcoming and growing Chinese travelers everyday, has been officially launched and named TravelMad. The announcement happens at Digital Travel APAC organized by WBR Singapore that is taking place in Singapore on 18-19 April, 2018.


In 2017, 131 million Chinese travelers traveled outside of China and spent of 115.29 billion US dollars in total, top destinations including Thailand, Japan, Vietnam,Russia. Chinese travelers become significant high value consumers to target by any travel industry marketers who want to catch up with this huge marketing opportunity.


However, as the unique media environment of China and its rapid growth and innovations in mobile internet and mobile associated applications, Chinese consumers are high rely on their mobile phones to gain not only information but also all kinds of services and payment solutions, and yet they are extremely difficult to reach out using common media practice such as Google or Facebook. Madhouse one of sponsors at Digital Travel has a special take on China.


Not only coming with a solid know how and insight of Chinese traveler’s mobile media behavior, TravelMad also covers a massive reach and offers mobile traffic from premium Chinese hero Apps, alone with our partnership with Ctrip and other opportunities such as Chinese giant app WeChat, or local LBS based push ads, its is safe to say we are covering 100% of the Chinese travelers globally. And they will only see these ads when they starting to plan or travel to the country of destinations.” Says Wendy Wang, Vice President of Madhouse.


Previous to TravelMad, Madhouse has already working closely with over 80 premium mobile app in China deliver programmatic buying solutions on various ad formats including full screen, in app video and native ad. TravelMad will have the leverage of above mentioned mobile apps and their overseas traffic generated by their users while traveling outside of China.


A self-service and campaign management interface will be offered to TravelMad’s resellers and allow them to create, monitor and optimize their ad delivery on diffident targeting criteria and in different regions and countries.


Several local retailers and marketers have already successfully run their campaigns with TravelMad in the last several months, which including Value Retail Management in Europe, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tangs Shopping Mall Singapore, Big Camera Japan, Mannings Hong Kong, Resort World Genting Malaysia, and so on. Average CTR of these campaigns achieved 4% and delivered trackable footprint to their offline business.


To further enhance the effectiveness and to obtain precise data to empower its one stop solution local marketers, TravelMad also manages to establish a strategic partnership with Ctrip, the leader in Chinese OTA market for 18 years, the latter company provides flights and hotels booking as well as a various destination service and tour booking to at least 1/5 of Chinese outbound travelers.


Madhouse has been demonstrated its leadership, foresights and visions in Mobile ad industry for the last decade, it was excited to know they decide to bringing their premium mobile ad platform to serve the tourist industry.” Mr Mason Ma, General Manager of advertising of Ctrip believes,“ Ctrip and TravelMad shares a very big pool of global tourism market, working together we would be able to further our strengths in deferent angles and create an effective way to serve the advertisers better.” 


Madhouse has been a great addition as a partner to Digital Travel APAC which is part of a series of two ecommerce conferences organized by WBR addressing markets in the Asia-Pacific.