(July 30, Shanghai) ----- Leading ad platform company Madhouse launched its app marketing platform PerforMad at 2015 China Joy (China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference), integrating Facebook, Google and Twitter to maximize developers’ return of investment (ROI).

PerforMad, an app marketing platform is designed exclusively for mobile application developers. It is a programmatic-buying platform that integrates multiple channels and provides real time data feedbacks. PerforMad helps advertisers to allocate budgets to best performing channels and derive maximum ROI.

PerforMad is now integrated with the top three app marketing channels Facebook, Google and Twitter, using API, to optimize campaigns across all channels on one platform.

Tailor-made Solutions

Compared with Facebook, Google and Twitter’s own ad platforms, API-connected PerforMad can not only provide these platforms’ functions on one single interface but also additional customized and advanced solutions for advertisers.

For example, based on our existing media partners’ audience targeting function which categorizes users by age, gender, interest, geography etc., PerforMad can further divide the targeted audience into different groups. It helps improve the efficiency and precision of the ad campaigns attracting more active and high-quality users for the app developers.

Customized optimization

Besides the API connection with three major channels, PerforMad also enables advertisers to manage the campaigns programmatically and provides customized optimization as well.

PerforMad supports different ad formats and different filters so that advertisers can distribute the advertisements to different targeted audience in different formats.

It also displays real time data for ad operation teams to adjust their strategies accordingly. The team can allocate the budgets to ROI-favored audience group and optimize the campaign performance within each channel.

Effective campaigns via one platform

Besides Facebook, Google and Twitter, PerforMad also works with more than 70 mainstream ad networks globally. Advertisers can manage the campaigns via one platform and receive multi-dimensional reports of campaign performance of each channel through one dashboard.

PeforMad reduces manpower and increases efficiency. Based on the analytics data of different channels, PerforMad allows advertisers to put more money in more effective channels.

As China’s first and the only ad platform that measures ROI as a key index, PerforMad can accumulate qualified users and build up a warehouse for advertisers. They can retarget these active audiences in different ad campaigns to gain more ROI.

Madhouse has more than four years’ app marketing experience in overseas markets and has helped more than 1,000 apps to go abroad. Its mobile inventory covers more than 225 counties and manages more than $10 million ad budgets every month.

PerforMad will continue to expand its global channels and help app marketers to attract more qualified users in a broader network.